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Industrial robots, effective for
small-scale production

  Save time costs when it comes to adapting  the cell for the manufacture of new products

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Real-time robot control

Work with any parts and technological operations with no programming

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Open platform that supports various technological operations and equipment

An individual cell can be configured for specific production tasks

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Production as a Service

No capital investment, nor a need to understand the robotics

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We work with the aim of maximizing the number of enterprises, especially small ones, that are increasing the efficiency of their production via the advantages provided by industrial robots: their production quality, accuracy, and speed in completing tasks.

To do this, we make interfacing with robots simple and clear, and managing them convenient and fast. Working towards this lofty goal is a team of mathematicians and programmers from leading technological institutes who work to make robotics accessible to a large number of companies

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Optimal real-time control of all the equipment

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Easy to control

    You  do not need to have additional technical knowledge and competencies in robotics

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Continuous monitoring of the situation in the physical working area thanks to the digital twin

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No Programming
3D Model as an Input
Imperfect Parts Allowed
Cloud Calculations


ABAGY is compatible with most industrial automation equipment and can control most  technology processes. We offer individual solutions and standard robotic systems.

Cells for large-sized metal structure welding
Designed for welding of beams, girders and other structures
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Cells for welding on a positioner 
Designed for welding of medium size metal structures
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Cells for painting
Designed for small- and medium size products
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Custom Solutions
Сonfigured for specific production tasks
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Contactable 24/7

Technical support hotline

Any aberrations in the operation of your system are recorded by the situation center and will be resolved as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact your manager or send a support request by e-mail.

Remote maintenance of cells on the ABAGY platform

With the help of remote maintenance, together we can analyze and troubleshoot problems online, and also keep your cell in good condition.



Areas of Cooperation


ABAGY is adapted to work with industrial robots and the functional equipment of most major manufacturers. Together we can connect virtually any automation equipment to the platform. It can be integrated into the cells and managed in real time along with the rest of the cell equipment.

Become a Partner

Thanks  to ABAGY technology, you can offer your customers a new product - robotic systems that are user-friendly and beneficial for small-scale production. Together with ABAGY, your solution can be sold as PaaS (Production as a Service), that is, even if the users are not ready to invest in capital expenditure, they will still be able to use robots in their production.

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Sales & Marketing

Standard systems on the ABAGY platform are an easy-to-implement project. They are able to be integrated into the existing production process or become part of the overall digital transformation of production. We are developing an agent network for the sale of Abagy solutions in various  cities around the world.

Become a Partner

Leading manufacturers in the field of robotics are already connected to the ABAGY platform. We also collaborate with many robotic solutions integrators.  


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Abagy Robotic Systems Inc.

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