ABAGY ROBOTIC SYSTEMS - A young Russian company offering services of manufacturing various products on a robotic cell to the industrial companies.
Our goal is to make the production with the help of industrial robots simple and affordable to a wide range of companies, where the use of robotics was previously unprofitable.
One of the main reasons preventing the wide use of industrial robots in companies is the lack of flexibility of the robotic systems, i.e. the possibility to modify in a relatively simply manner the robotic cell and get it ready for the production of new products. In addition, the companies are hindered by the complexity and the high cost of implementing and further using of robotic systems, which require the constant participation of specialists in the field of robotics and the serious development of their own competencies in industrial robots.
Abagy offers the market a new approach in both business and technology aspect, a simple and affordable way of manufacturing with the help of robots - manufacturing as a service.
For the client company, this means that Abagy creates and maintains independently the entire infrastructure. The companies pay only the unit production cost of manufactured products on our equipment, thereby getting rid of buying and operating the equipment, upgrading and maintaining it.
We are able to implement this method of production, providing its economic efficiency, thanks to our own software. With its help, we eliminate from the companies production cycle the task of programming robots. Having received at the input the CAD model of the product, which must be produced, the system automatically generates a control program for its production on the robotic cell. The generation of the control program takes minutes, and the cell is ready to manufacture the new type of product.
In this way, we obtain a flexible robotic production, capable of manufacturing a wide range of products without additional costs for equipment preparation.